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Flyinge is the largest and best-known breeding station in Sweden and one of the world’s oldest active National studs dating back to the 12th century. The stud is situated about 15 kilometers from Lund in the southern Sweden and was established in 1661 as a Royal stud by King Carl Gusted X Sweden. Since 1661 Flyinge has shaped future equestrian traditions, this is still the stud’s vision and mission.

Since 1983 Flyinge AB is owned by a trust and has a wide range of activities, including breeding of the Swedish Warmblood, equestrian sports, veterinary medicine, training and various events.

There are about 200 horses at Flyinge, of which around 30 breeding stallions are included in the Flyinge stallion program. The stud consists of a number of high-class brood mares and about 70 young horses. The best of them are used for breeding and the others are trained for school or for sale.

Flyinge AB

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Flyinge has a large number of high-class jumping and dressage horses. The stallions have a very good reputation worldwide, both in breeding circles and in equestrian sports. Demand for deep-frozen semen is increasing in Sweden as well as internationally, and Flyinge now exports sperm to about 10 countries.

Flyinge runs a university level course in cooperation with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The course is aimed at future stable managers and riding teachers. Flyinge also has a specially designed high school programme in hippology/natural sciences at Vipeholmsskolan in Lund. In 2006 a Qualified Vocational Course started at Flyinge, specializing in the training of young horses. Students combine school studies with practice at established trainers.

Through the Academy Riding School talented students get the opportunity of applying for a scholarship for studies at Flyinge. Scholarship students receive training in work with horses at all educational levels in addition to in-depth studies in the areas of training and competition. The Academy’s goal is to preserve the best traditions of horsemanship.

Flyinge is host to clinics, seminars and courses within all equestrian disciplines at all levels and around the year. Experts from various parts of the world are invited to share their knowledge and experience at many of these events. Some of these clinics feature the “Flyinge Model”, a system which is aimed at optimizing the training and developing the potential in young horses. Training and matching young horses is Flyinge’s special profile.

Flyinge offers five indoor arenas, a cross-country course, a race-track and outdoor rings as well as riding and driving paths, and is very well equipped for all types of courses and events.