Regia Nationala a Padurilor – Romsilva


Romania might not belong to those European countries famous for their horse industry, but nevertheless, it has a long history of horse breeding and horses still play an important role in the Romanian society. Today, all twelve national stud farms and four stallion depots are under the authority of the Romsilva Forest Administration.

The effective number of horses in the state stud farms and stallion depots is about 3620 horses. Among those 1534 belong to the national genetic inheritance. Besides horse breeding, National Forest Administration Romsilva offers riding lessons, training and housing of private horses, equestrian tourism and experts for special consultation. The equestrian sport activities of Romania were developed through the Romsilva Equestrian Club, which is affiliated to the Romanian Equestrian Federation.

Regia Nationala a Padurilor – Romsilva

Str. Petricani, nr. 9A, Sector 2
023841 Bucharest


The following horses are bred:

  • Hucul, Romanian Pony and Bucovina, Half Heavy Horses – Lucina Stud Farm (Suceava County)
  • Romanian Sport Horse – Jegalia (Calarasi County) and Izvin (Timis County) stud farms
  • English Thoroughbred – Cislau (Buzau County) and Izvin (Timis County) stud farms
  • Shagya – Radautzi Stud Farm (Suceava County)
  • Pure Arabian – Mangalia Stud Farm (Constanta County)
  • Romanian Trotter – Rusetu (Buzau County) and Dor Marunt (Calarasi County) stud farms
  • Romanian Half Heavy Horse – Beclean pe Somes (Bistrita County) and Rusetau (Buzau County) Stud Farms
  • Nonius – Izvin Stud Farm (Timis County)
  • Gidran – Tulucesti Stud Farm (Galati County)
  • Furioso-North Star – Slatina Stud Farm (Olt County)
  • Lipizzaner – Sambata de Jos (Brasov County) and Beclean pe Somes (Bistrita County) stud farms

Summary of 15 national studs, each with address, description and photos
„The Romanian State Studs System“ PDF file (21 pages, 3,8 MB).
Source: ESSA General Assembly 2012 / National Forest Administration Romsilva.

The Romanian State Studs System (3,7 MiB)

See also the article „Horses of Romania – Hidden studs with first class breeding“ of Werner Hess, PDF (5 pages, 2 MB, German). Source: Achenbach Magazin 1/1995.

Horses of Romania – Hidden studs with first class breeding (2.1 MiB)

Associated Studs of the National Forest Administration Romsilva

Romsilva manages all Romanian state studs and stallion depots.

  • National Stud Cislau
    Herghelia Cislau
    Comuna Cislau
    Cod 127185, Judetul Buzau


  • National Stud Beclean
    Herghelia Beclean
    Str. Bistritei nr.45
    Oraşul Beclean
    Cod 425100, Judetul Bistrita Nasaud


  • National Stud Dor Marunt
    Herghelia Dor Marunt
    Comuna Dor Marunt
    Cod 917055, Judetul Calarasi


  • National Stud Dor Marunt
    Herghelia Izvin
    Comuna Recas
    Cod 307340, Judetul Timis


  • National Stud Jegalia
    Herghelia Jegalia
    Comuna Perisoru
    Cod 917195, Judetul Calarasi


  • National Stud Lucina
    Herghelia Lucina
    Comuna Moldova-Sulita
    Cod 727380, Judetul Suceava (English)


  • National Stud Mangalia
    Herghelia Mangalia
    Municipiul Mangalia
    Cod 905500, Judetul Constanta


  • National Stud Radautz
    Herghelia Radauti
    Str. Bogdan Voda nr.114
    Municipiul Radauti
    Cod 725400, Judetul Suceava
    Cod 727380, Judetul Suceava (English)


  • National Stud Sambata de Jos
    Herghelia Sambata de Jos
    Str. Bogdan Voda nr.114
    Satul Sambata de Jos, Comuna Voila
    Cod 507264, Judetul Brasov


  • National Stud Slatina
    Herghelia Slatina
    Str. Recea
    Municipiul Slatina
    Cod 230119, Judetul Olt


  • National Stud Tulucesti
    Herghelia Tulucesti
    Comuna Tulucesti
    Cod 807300, Judetul Galati


  • Stallion Depot Arad
    Depozitul de Armasari Arad
    Str. Dumbrava Rosie nr. 5
    Municipiul Arad
    Cod 310412, Arad


  • Stallion Depot Dumbrava
    Depozitul de Armasari Dumbrava
    Comuna Timisesti
    Cod 617470, Judetul Neamt


  • Stallion Depot Ramnicelu
    Depozitul de Armasari Ramnicelu
    Comuna Ramnicelu
    Cod 817110, Judetul Braila


  • Stallion Depot Targu Mures
    Depozitul de Armasari Targu Mures
    Str. Parcul Sportiv nr. 11
    Municipiul Targu Mures
    Cod 540307, Judetul Mures