National Stud Tlumacov

Czech Republic

The stud farm was founded in 1925 to improve national horse breeding. Today, Tlumačov serves as a national educational center for all breeders and friends of horse breeding. In addition to breeding events, exhibitions and demonstrations are organized.

During the breeding season, the stud farm operates various service stations throughout the Czech Republic with a focus on Moravia and Silesia. The stallions are offered for both natural and artificial insemination. Stallion performance tests are held for warmbloods and cold-blooded horses.

Tlumačov cooperates with high, secondary and vocational schools and presents itself in connection with regional tourism and hippological tourism in the Czech Republic. The stud farm supports the “Hyje Horses of the Zlín Region” project. This project aims to ensure the breeding and use of horses in the Zlín region and make them accessible to the general public.

National Stud Tlumacov

Dolní 115
76362 Tlumačov
Tschechische Republik