Sieraków National Stud


The National Stallion Depot at Sieraków, located around 180 kilometers east from Berlin, was founded 1827 by the King of Prussia within the large stable facilities of the Leszczynski family. Thus, it is considered to be the oldest national stallion depot of Poland and the oldest national breeding center in Western Poland.

The main task of the stallion depot was to improve the stock of horses for agriculture and military purposes in the Poznan area. During the first years of existence, breeding was based on German sires, then Thoroughbred stallions became fashionable. From time to time also heavy draught horses were used to meet the demands of agriculture. The average number of stallions used to be around 170.

Today, Sieraków is one of the most important breeding centers for native Polish breeds. The depot participates in several programmes to preserve genetic resources. Stallions of the following breeds are on offer: Sport horses (Warmblood), Malopolska, Wielkopolska, Konik Polski (Pony), Slaska (Heavy Warmblood) and Arabian horses. The traditional focus is on Wielkopolska horses, a multipurpose breed praised for its stamina, grace and beauty. A herd of the rare Konik Polski horses is also part of the stud.

Przedsiębiorstwo Rolniczo-Hodowlane, “Gałopol” Sp. z o.o. Gałowo

ul. Wierzbowa 10
64-500 Szamotuły


Besides rich history and breeding success, sport plays an important role at Sieraków. The stallion depot is a regional center for equestrian sports. Successes of stud horses include medals of the driving World Cup.

Visitors are welcome, accommodation is offered in the historic palace.