Haras National d’Uzès


One of the most important equestrian centers in the south of France is Uzès National Stud, which exists in the Provence since 1972. The stallion depot serves the regions Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence-Alpes, Côte d’Azur and the island of Corsica. It replaced the previously existing stallion depots of Arles, Perpignan and Ajaccio.

The stud features 15 hectares of Land, a manor house with picturesque garden, as well as stables for 70 horses, an indoor arena, different outdoor arenas, an insemination station, a blacksmith and a wood workshop.

Equestrian sport- und breeding events take place on the stud premises and the manor can be hired for celebrations and film productions.

The Comtois stallions of the stud serve as patient teachers in the driving school. Uzès also offers tourist accommodation and guest stables as well as guided tours of the premises and to the historic carriage collection.

Haras National d’Uzès

During the summer months regular shows of equestrian artists, who use the training facilities of the stud, entertain the visitors.