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StallionsThe National Stud of Topol'čianky is known as being one of the most important European horse breeding centers. It is the national center for the breeding and cultivation of horses in Slovakia. It has been approved as a center for recording the breeding books of the Lippizaner, Hucul and Arabian breeds. The center maintains the central records of horses in Slovakia and is the only institution allowed to issue certificates on the provenance of all accepted horse breeds in Slovakia. The National Stud is an active member of all major European and international breeding organisations and was involved in the ESSA activities from the very start of our association.

The creation of Czechoslovakia was an historic milestone for horse breeding in Slovakia. As one of the successor states of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Czechoslovakia claimed and received a certain part of the monarchy's cultural heritage in the form of thoroughbred horses. The Czechoslovak Ministry of Agriculture evaluated the local soil, climatic and wind conditions of the region and on October 15th 1921 Topolčianky State Stud was established. Its purpose was to breed and produce for the domestic market breeding stallions of the Arabian, Lippizan, Nonius, English Half-blood and Hucul breeds.


After its establishment, the stud took over the formerly Habsburg properties of the riding school building, which was the center for horse breeding. Gradually, other buildings for breeding were added - Breziny, Rybník, Krásny majer and Hostie. Thanks to the devotion of horse lovers breeding at the stud has been maintained until today


Today, the stud farm is not only a cultural treasure in Slovakia, but also a European rarity. No other city on the old continent has a place for the cultivation of four different breeds of horses the way they do in Topol'čianky.