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Janów Podlaski is the oldest state owned horse stud in Poland. It was established in 1817 after the Congress of Vienna on the initiative of the Administrative Council of the Congressional Kingdom of Poland and approved by the Tsar, Alexander I. It is situated 2 km from Janów in the village Wygoda. During World War I the stud was evacuated to Russia and no stallion ever returned to Janów. When Poland regained its independence the Ministry of Agriculture collected horses of all breeds and different origins.

Logo Janow Podlaski

Most of the horses were Pure Arabians and Anglo-Arabian Half Bloods, which built the base in the breeding of cavalry horses. Even though many buildings were destroyed the pasture land was preserved, so that horse breeding could be reorganised. The stud Janów Podlaski is considered as "equine paradise" because of its large meadows along the river Bug and the stable complex of the 19th century. The Clock Stable "Zegarowa" and the Main Stallion Stable "Czolowa" date back to 1848 and 1841.

In 1939 more than 80% of the horses of Janów perished. In 1944 the remaining horses were evacuated to Germany. 1946 the stud returned to Poland when a new administration was formed in Poland. Finally, the stud came back to Janów in 1950.

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Since then the stud breeds Pure Arabians and Anglo-Arabian Half Bloods. They were bred because of their export potential and to improve the Polish workhorse breeding. Today, the use of the horses has changed. The reason for the breeding is the assignment of the horses as leisure or sport horse and in export. Most of the horses are sold to the USA.

Each year in summer, the stud organises the famous Arabian Horse Days with auctions and breeding shows.


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