National Stud of Mezöhegyes Ltd.

Kozma Ferenc út 30
5820 Mezohegyes

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In 1784 Mezöhegyes was founded by Joseph II. The first task of Mezöhegyes was to breed cavalry horses to support the Austrian-Hungarian armed forces. In the 1800's three different breeds were established: Nonius, Furioso-North-Star and the Gidrán. The breeding of sport horses was carried out in 1961.

In 2004 the stud was transferred into a Ltd. after main parts of the stud such as the plant cultivation and milk production got privatised. Today's mission of Mezöhegyes is to save the stud as unique historic and agricultural treasure and to breed horses, especially the Nóniusz as the first and most important Hungarian horse species.

The stud consists of three parts: the central stud where horses are trained, the mare farm and the foal farm. There are 30 employees who are responsible for nutrition, care and training of the 200 horses. Today, Nonius and Mezöhegyes Sport Horses are breed at the stud.

Next to the horse business the stud manages 1200 acres of land. In addition to horse breeding and sales Mezöhegyes offers a livery yard, takes breeding mares for foaling and raises weanlings. Breeders benefit from the insemination station and national semen shipping.

For visitors the stud provides a hotel, a coach museum and special riding programmes the whole year round.