National Stud Saint Lô

Avenue du Marechal Juin
CS 21509
50009 Saint Lô cedex
Region of Normandie

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In 1806 Napoléon Bonaparte established the National State Studs in France and created the National State Stud Saint Lô in an old abbey in the centre of the city. Due to a lack of space the horses moved to the "new" stud at the edge of town in 1886. In 1912 the stallion depot counted 422 stallions.

The stud premises were the only buildings of Saint-Lô which were not destroyed during World War II. Today, the stud is one of the most important centres of horse breeding, and equestrian sport in France. The stud is considered as birthplace of the Selle Français breed. 60 stallions, Selle Français, Trotters, Ponies and Thoroughbreds, live at Saint-Lô.

Next to the historic stable ensemble for 200 horses a modern sport complex has been established with several outdoor arenas and a large indoor arena, where annually 140 days of events, such as show-jumping, dressage, horse-ball, driving and breeding competitions like the National Selle Français Championships take place.

Visitors can join guided tours or enjoy carriage rides.