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Institut Français du Cheval et de l'Equitation
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The French National Studs

Colbert founded the Stud institution in 1665, so as to have good stallions and encourage the production of horses for his cavalry. In 1815, the "Cadre Noir" troop was created, so that master riders could teach French cavalry instructors. In 2010, the two institutions merged to form the French Horse and Riding Institute IFCE.


  • 1500 horses, including 870 stallions and 200 dedicated to training
  • 1047 people
  • € 48 m in subsidies and € 26 m of generated profit
  • 88 500 spectators at the Cadre Noir's galas

This publicly administered institution has been placed under the supervision of the ministries of sport and agriculture. It carries out its activities on behalf of the equine sector, local authorities, the State and all members of the public who are involved with horses and horse riding. These are rolled out all over the country, thanks to a network of prestigious sites, including the National Horse Riding School in Saumur and 20 National Studs in the regions. The institution works in partnership with France Haras to promote quality breeding.

The National Studs

The ‘French Horse and Riding Institute' relies on a network of 20 National Studs spread all over France. The National Studs are often set up in places which have a rich heritage and history, and their partners organise equestrian competitions and cultural events. They develop services dedicated to key players in the local equine sector and offer their expertise to develop projects associated with horses. The National Studs are open to visitors and enable general public to enter the world of horses.


  • 17 000 coverings each year, that is 20% of the French mare stock
  • 88 000 identification documents for equestrian breeds published every year
  • 890 event days
  • 451 000 visitors a year to the National Stud sites

Rosières aux salines

Le Lion CastleSaint Lô

PompadourLe Pin

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Sale of semen and genetics

In partnership with "France Haras", the French Horse and Riding Institute distributes semen from French stallions. If you require any information, please consult the Export Catalogue.

Training to strengthen skills

The French Horse and Riding Institute offers training for horse and sport-related professions, along with those involving the equestrian arts. It organises training sessions: reproduction, breeding, horse riding, harnessing, using horse-drawn vehicles, blacksmithing, saddling, etc. In France, the training is delivered by acknowledged experts on our own sites, especially the two benchmark sites at the National Horse Riding School and the Le Pin National Stud. Depending on the training programme developed, our specialist technicians can also put on training courses abroad.


  • 18 332 days of vocational training at the National Horse Riding School
  • 7 530 days of training at the National Stud's Vocational Training School
  • 1 employment-training department dedicated to the equine sector, "equi-resources"

Information systems expertise

The information listed in the SIRE database enables the Institute to identify all equestrian breeds, monitor owners and keepers, carry out the material management of genealogical books, register horses' performances, in association with the Fédération Equestre Française [French Equestrian Federation] and the Société Hippique Française [French Horse Society], and to contribute to optimising health monitoring. The Institute is also involved in the transmission of rich, reliable and varied information about the world of horses by developing tools suited to the largest number of people. The IFCE experts are at your disposal to develop your own information system.


  • 27 research projects and 6 doctoral theses jointly financed by the Institute
  • 1 experimental station for equine research
  • 42 000 bibliographical references in the 3 media libraries in Saumur, Le Pin and Paris

Engineering for equestrian buildings and surfaces

The French Horse and Riding Institute offers its consultancy service for defining, designing, assessing or supporting projects which include an equestrian element, in the traditional sectors of racing, horse riding, breeding or innovation, highlighting the value of horses as key players in tourism and as social or ecological mediators. It relies on the skills of both its general and specialist engineers, along with those of its architects and designers or technicians.

IFCE offers

  • Training courses for horse-related and equestrian professions, horse riding, breeding (breeding techniques, artificial insemination, genetics, behaviour, etc.), harnessing, saddling, blacksmithing
  • Top level cultural and equestrian events Saumur (Dressage, Eventing, Cadre Noir), Saint-Lô (Show Jumping, Horseball), Le Pin (Harnessing, Eventing), Lion d'Angers (World Eventing Championship for Young Horses, Races), Uzès (Endurance), Pompadour (Eventing, Races), Compiègne (World Endurance Championship for Young Horses)
  • A centralised database, the SIRE, (Information System Relating to Equestrian Breeds), compiling all the technical and commercial information on the equine sector
  • International services (genetics, advice and expertise, management system for breeding, e-sire, etc.)

The French Riding School: Saumur's Cadre Noir

With the benefit of a prestigious heritage, the National Horse Riding School was formed on the basis of the Cadre Noir in 1972. The Master Riders of Saumur's Cadre Noir, the School's professional teaching team, have broadened their original mission within the School, improving senior managers' skills in the equestrian field. As the headquarters of the French Equestrian Centre and of the "Pôle Espoir" sports academy, the School hosts numerous training courses for teachers and competitors from France and abroad. Both horses and riders develop their knowledge, especially through competitions. Some are organised on the Terrefort and Verrie sites, thanks to the institution's outstanding facilities.

Research and documentation enable teaching to be improved and diversified in both technical and educational areas. Saumur's Cadre Noir continues to pursue its missions through public demonstrations and galas, in France as well as abroad, through its results in competitions and also through its teaching. It thus contributes to the international reputation of the French Riding School and to spread that of French horse riding in general.

Figures: 100 events

  • 31 068 visits a year to the Saumur site
  • 18 300 spectators a year at the Cadre Noir's public galas

Summary of the 22 French National Studs and their regions


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