National Stud Tlumačov

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Dolní 115
76362 Tlumačov
Czech Republic


Tlumačov National Stud was founded in 1925 to improve national horse breeding. Today, the stud serves as national competence centre for all breeders and horse lovers. During the breeding season the stud sends the stallions to different service stations all over the Czech Republic especially to the Moravian-Silesian region.

Gate stud building

RiderColdblood carriage

Draught horse at workCarriage

Tlumačov organises breeding events, exhibitions and presentations as well as stallion performance tests for warmblood and draught horses. The stud works together with different universities and vocational schools. There is also cooperation with the regional tourist office so that the stud is represented as hippological site. The project "The Hyje Horses in the Region of Zlín" is supported by the stud. This project shall guarantee the breeding and use of the horse in the region Zlín and promote this theme to the public.