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Czech Republic

Internet: www.zemskyhrebcinecpisek.cz (Czech)

The stallion depot of Písek, founded in 1811 first as service station and enlarged to a stud in 1902 is located 100 kilometres south from Prague. While Tlumačov State Stud was supposed to provide sires for the Moravian part of the country, Písek was the competent horse breeding institution for Bohemia. Until 1924 the facility was under military authority, since Písek was a garrison town.

During socialist times auctions took place in the riding house and quite a few horses were sold to the neighbouring European countries. Today, the Písek stables accommodate 60 Warmblood, Coldblood and Pony stallions. Special attention is paid to the preservation of old Austro-Hungarian bloodlines. The Moravian Draft Horse is a comparatively young breed based on Norikers and Belgian stallions. Up to our days those horses are used in agriculture.

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Písek offers services around the horse, from breeder services to colt-rearing at the satellite farms Nový Dvůr (founded in 1878) and Humňany (founded 1948), to education and training programmes for breeders and the interested public. The architecturally valuable building ensemble in brick stone with Art Nouveau elements was declared a national monument in 2010. - More information at www.icpisek.cz (English version).