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The region of Kladruby and Pardubice is well known for its horse breeding since centuries. In 1579 the Emperor Rudolf II established Kladruby, located 75 km east of Prague, as imperial court stud. The "Altkladruber" breed is considered to be the oldest cultural horse breed of Europe.

Since 2002 the herd of the stud is registered as national cultural monument of the Czech Republic. The stud includes 1200 hectares of pasture land and several historic building ensembles, which are connected by avenues.

Portrait white horseCarriage in front of the stud building

Altkladruber StallionStallion and sculpture

Kladruby board

The Altkladruber population counts 1400 horses worldwide. About the half of them live at Kladruby. They used to be bred as noble carriage horses for the royal court. The breed includes Greys and Blacks. The Greys were originally used for ceremonial occasions, the Blacks for religious occasions. Today, the horses with their characteristic convex foreheads are used for carriage driving, baroque and leisure riding and for hippo therapy.

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