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Become a partner of the European State Studs Association and benefit from our network to attract attention for your enterprise Europe wide!

The European State Studs Association campaigns for the preservation of the European state studs' heritage. Almost in all European countries, great studs with centuries' old traditions have outlived time. Through the decline of the horses' importance in the 20th century many of these unique institutions have been privatised, dissolved or strongly limited in the past decades.

More than 30 of the most influential studs of 16 countries are connected in the ESSA network, which strives to work against this tendency. Through joint performances, events and promotion activities they raise awareness for the actual and future meaning of the studs as important centers of competence and education, as places of regeneration and cultural heritage.

ESSA is registered as non-profit organisation in Germany, its office is located in Marbach State Stud, Baden-Wuerttemberg. During the past months a number of activities have been undertaken, here are some examples:

  • In November 2010 ESSA called attention with an exhibition at Brussels and
  • in January 2011 with a quadrille of twenty stallions from four countries at the gala evenings of the French horse fair "Cheval Passion".
  • In June 2011 ESSA was present at the 75th "Wiesbadener Pfingstturnier" (Germany).
  • In October 2011 the "Days of European Stud Culture" with a symposium about the cultural heritage of the European state studs took place at the Slovenian National Stud Lipica.

To realize further activities, such as publications, exhibitions and performances at top events ESSA needs financial support. The ESSA-office will be pleased to give you more information about your funding opportunities.

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