Festival of European Stud Culture at Marbach State Stud, Germany

Performances of European State Studs and ESSA symposium

Logo jubilee of Marbach25 year after the fall of the iron curtain Europe is melting together and the passion for horses connects people across borders. In connection with the 500th jubilee of Marbach the European State Studs Association (ESSA) invites to a Festival of European Stud Culture at Germany’s oldest state stud.

30 of the most renowned horse breeding institutions belong to the ESSA network. Already on July 3rd the directors of the ESSA partner studs held their annual conference at Marbach. On July 4th and 5th guided tours around the Marbach stud premises and a symposium about European Stud Culture were on offer. Notable speakers refered about the equestrian heritage of Europe and the role of the state studs today and in future. The moderation lay in the proven hands of St. Georg chief editor Jan Tönjes, who will also accompanied the "Marbach Classics Open Air" evening shows.

Those were a highlight in the celebration year of Marbach. More than 60 horses and employees from the ESSA partner studs populated the Marbach stud premises during the first week of July and trained together with the Marbach protagonists for a very special show programme that was performed on July 4th and 5th at 20.30 in the large stud arena to the live music of the Württemberg Philharmonic Orchestra. Baroque Lipizzaners, precious Oldkladrubers, spirited Pure Bred Arabians, mighty coldbloods and noble sport horses will took the audience on a journey through 500 years of history and through the European horse world.

Together the horse community celebrated 500 years of Marbach in a Europe where neighbours become friends!

Jubilee of Marbach stud

ESSA Festival of European Stud Culture in connection with the 500th jubilee of Marbach

  • ESSA General Assembly
  • Symposium "European Stud Culture" (English)
  • Guided tours at the Marbach stud premises
  • 'Marbach classics' show programme
  • PDFReport / Press Release about the events and the new elected ESSA board: "Festival of European Stud Culture: the European State Studs congratulated Marbach to the stud’s 500th jubilee", PDF 327 KB
  • Photos at "Impressionen" of www.marbach-classics.de
  • Video of the Large Quadrille of 32 stallions from 10 National Studs, 8:19 Min.


Friday, July 4th: Morning Symposium, part 1
Afternoon Guided tours at the Marbach and Offenhausen premises
19:30 Reception in the ESSA tent at the arena
20:30 Marbach Classics
Saturday, July 5th: Morning Symposium, part 2
Afternoon Guided tours at St. Johann and its satellite farms

Documents for the symposium "European Stud Culture"

Information about "Marbach Classics Open Air"

Map including the three farms

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